1965 Chevy II Two-Door Station Wagon: Factory COPO Original or Fake? The Verdict: It’s A Fake – But Recent Commenters Are Still Claiming Otherwise

65 wagon 1 1200

Update: first posted 6/12/2014.  This generated a lot of controversy then, and it still is. A number of new comments added since then claim to have seen fleets of these at a phone company and the Air Force, among others. One commenter says he has one, but failed to attach a photo. I’ve been accused of perpetrating a liberal conspiracy. Yet nobody has ever offered definitive proof. In the meantime, I did access GM Heritage Center’s definitive Vehicle Information Kits, in which they list every body style and almost infinite details. No sign of a two door wagon.

And then there’s this comment left a few days after it was first posted: “Hate to pop everyones bubble …I live n fla. And I built this car I have pics and the build sheet on it. One thing I wanted was to make as factory as possible and it seems it worked email me at daviscustoms65@yahoo.com. or call 4073140658.. Awesome to c it again “. That seems to rather seal the deal, eh?


Randy Thompson is the proud owner of this 1965 two-door Chevy II wagon. He posted a picture of it at “The Short and Odd Life of the Two Door Station Wagon” article, with this comment: I have recently become the owner of a factory COPO 2 door 1965 Chevy ll 2 door station wagon, ordered by the Air Force as a runway hatch, have great plans for it. My wife and I flew to Minneapolis and picked it up, we drove it back to Ca. in the S.F. bay area. car got a lot of attention at each stop on the way back.

Well, that was a stunner for me, because I have absolutely zero knowledge of Chevrolet building a two door Chevy II wagon. And it’s a bit hard to imagine them tooling up to do so just for the Air Force, as it certainly would have been cheaper to just buy the four door. Hmmm…

$_57 1200

When I e-mailed him and asked for more info, this is what he wrote back: Paul, thanks for your interest, I myself had never seen a 2 door factory wagon, so when I saw on ebay, Had to have it! I dont have any paperwork for this wagon, but to see how this was assembled with all factory pinch welds its obvious this is not a backyard conversion of a 4 door wagon, on this one getting under the dash and look up you see the air force blue the car was delivered with. I’ve gone on GM websites and the have spec’s for a 2 door Chevy ll model 200 wagon, but they lump the 2 & 4 door wagon production together, so no telling how many were produced. also the rear side windows even roll down!

All the Googling in the world didn’t lead me to anything that supports a factory two-door wagon. But maybe I didn’t try hard enough.I did find the text of the original Ebay listing, but no pictures, from back in February of 2014:

1965 chevy II two door wagon, I know your saying they didn’t make them but I have done some research and they did make them for the military and government only. They were built on the copo fleet line and we’re called military runabouts. They came as two doors delivery wagons with glass only,not steel inserts for the side glass. I have had the carpet out of it and been under and all over it, the door jams floors and quarters all appear to be factory spot welds. From what I read they were taken off the assembly line as partially assembled 4door wagons and assembled as two doors on the copo line by hand,like 59,60 biscyane deliveries were. This wagon came from down south ,I was told it was an Air Force vehicle . It’s silver blue under the  the dash and carpet,so I be leave  it to be true. It has a wagon title and is pretty clean body wise . The only rust I found is in the driver side floor pan has rust and some one welded another floor pan over it. The rest of the body seems ok,it’s got crappy semigloss silver rat rod paint it’s no show car but looks cool and blows minds every where you take it. The interior is ratty the head liner sucks ,but got a new carpet. The wagon has a real healthy 406 sbc with aluminum heads torker intake and demon carb. Seems to have a mild stahl converter ,2500 rpm and a 10 bolt posi with Cal track bars. I was told it has around 500 hp but would say it more has mid 400 hp. It’s pretty fast fun little sucker to drive and sounds great. I haven’t had it very long and don’t no much  about it as far as engine specs , sorry  I got it late fall drove it a week or to and put it away for  winter. Only  selling it to put more money into my drag car ,got to go faster you know the deal.  Listen I really don’t want to get in a debate about if this is a real two door or not, I have  been building customs,rods,bikes,and race cars oft twenty five years and know what I’m lookin at. I did a lot of research and wrote what I found out,you can do the same. Look what normal chevy II wagons are going for  , if you bought one and turn it into a two door your talking a lot of labor and money. So if you look at it that way it a win win, that’s the way I saw it when I bought it. The wagon also has original cragar gt rims with wide oval redline tires for that old school hot wheel car look.$500.00 with in 24hrs of the end of auction bank wire or postal money orders for payment, no title till the money clears, shipping  is the buyers problem,but will help load. The pics I put up are all I have it’s in storage  and really hard to get to,sorry.  you can call me , no texts or emails 952-200-5518 Andy.

That didn’t exactly bring my BS Meter back in the green range. I’d like to believe it’s true, and am willing to, with enough evidence. I asked Randy to send me pictures of the bodywork, at critical places. He hasn’t, yet; but says he will.

65 wagon 4 1200

Obviously, the bucket seats aren’t original, unless the Air Force really had some extra bucks to throw around. But the door trim is also obviously from a high-trim Nova. A two door sedan is of course what would have been used as a donor, if this was a custom job. And making custom two door wagons is hardly unusual.  I can’t tell much from this one interior shot, but the weather stripping on the right looks a bit odd.

65 wagon 4 crop


Pretty suspiciously odd.

65 wagon 1 crop

Again, it’s not a very detailed image, but the area on that sill/rocker panel behind the door looks decidedly lumpy to me. My BS Meter is dipping even deeper into the red.

65 wagon 1 crop

And although that work in creating the rear window surround looks pretty good from a distance, do I see little imperfections that also suggest body work?

Randy says he will shoot more detailed pictures when the car comes back from the tire store. That should really prove it one way or another. In the meantime, what do you say: Genuine COPO factory original, or Fake Custom?