1965 Ford LTD: Long And Short Versions Too

Ford’s brazen effort to invade the exclusive club of true luxury cars with it’s groundbreaking 1965 LTD didn’t stop at the sedan and coupe. Ford developed a “LTD Limousine program” with the intent to sell them officially at Ford dealers. A contract with Andy Hotton’s Dearborn Steel Tubing was supposed to generate 100 of these, but it’s believed that only some ten were ever made. Here’s a web page with all the details and more shots. Oh; the shorty version? Are you sure you’re ready for that?

It was another one of Lee Iaccoca’s radical ideas, even much more far-reaching than anything else he had dreamt up so far; a luxurious ultra-compact city car, to turn the VW-led import market on its head. It proved to be  a bit too much even for the still Lee-smitten Henry Ford II, and was given the rare thumbs down. And one or two engineers actually raised questions about the safety of the fuel tank. Fortunately, one photo exists, since the prototype was duly crushed (further).