1968 LeMans Day Finale: Van and Fitz Get Into The Act

1968 Pontiac Prestige-38-39 (778x800)

Since we kind of fell into LeMans Day today, I thought it appropriate to include this selection of illustrations by Van Kaufman and Art Fitzpatrick from the 1968 Pontiac prestige brochure. In the late Sixties, you could do anything with your new Pontiac, like actually park within a quarter mile of the plane. This picture is my favorite!

1968 Pontiac Prestige-34-35 (800x411)

Or take it scuba diving? Why not?

1968 Pontiac Prestige-52-53 (800x599)

While this is not a VF illustration, here are some nice wagons.

1968 Pontiac Prestige-30-31 (800x667)

And just because, here’s a GTO. At least this one’s not fake…

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