The ’62 Pontiac’s Better End (And A Few Other Gems By F&K)

Renderings were extremely common for ads and brochures until the mid-late sixties, when the realism of photography finally and quickly became dominant. Who knows how many artists made a living illustrating brochures and ads, but none were quite as good as Art Fitzpatrick (cars) and Van Kaufman (background), whose work for Pontiac is iconic. This one was made specially for the premiere of the 1962 Grand Prix, and Fitzpatrick describes it in his own words:

“This was the announcement ad for the very first Pontiac Grand Prix. The final decision to create the car had come just a few months before new-car announcement day. Van and I had two days to create an entire ad campaign for a new car model in a fresh style distinctive from the other ads we were doing. This picture set readership records for Pontiac and won the color ad ‘Award for Excellence from the New York Society of Illustrators.'” (Motor Trend)

I did a piece on K & F at TTAC, but I can never get enough of them, so I’ll toss in a few here.
Here’s a very late one, of a 1972 Opel Commodore. Pontiac had switched to all-photography in 1971.
F & K started with Pontiac in 1959, just in time to make their wide-tracks look like almost absurdly wide.
Here’s a fairly uncommon solo piece by Art Fitzpatrick.
My favorites are from the 1959 – 1960 era,
This one being my all-time favorite. Wow!