721,703 One-Owner Miles On A 1955 Vincent Black Prince

Motorcycles may make it to CC eventually (I have shot one or two), but this story just can’t be denied. Stuart Jenkins bought his British-built Vincent Black Prince new in 1955, and has racked up an impeccably-documented 721,703 miles. His bike, known as Vinnylonglegs in the Vincent community, has been modified over the uears with a new front fork, disc brakes and a frame implant to keep it safe and comfortable, but Stuart has all the original parts lest the next owner may want to restore it to its original condition. Yes, Stuart’s riding days are finally over, and the bike is for sale. Here’s what they both looked like in 1955:

How does someone put that many miles riding a bike? Turn it into a profession. That’s what Stuart did, in 1980, after 25 years of riding it for transportation and trips. He started running bike tours all over Europe, especially in Greece, where he figures he put on some 120,000 miles alone. But it’s time to say farewell, and here are his succinct words on the subject: “As any long-term owner of a bike or car will understand, selling Vinnylonglegs after 56 years and almost three quarters of a million miles is going to be a serious wrench. I’ll just have to make do now with the memories of all our wonderful trips.” Plenty of memories to enjoy, indeed.

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