A Gallery Of Fiero Trikes

Pontiac Fiero trikecourtesy piledriverz.com

The Fiero not only became the darling of the body kit crowd, but also the trikers. It’s even more adaptable than the old standby VW, since there were so many Fieros made with an automatic, eliminating the challenges of a shifter and clutch. Let’s take a look at what the web has to offer us…

Pontiac Fiero trike russia

This was posted at volusiariders.com, and supposedly is from Russia, but I make no guarantees.

Pontiac Fiero trike 3

At least this one has front brake(s). Posted at iwasborn2cree8.blogspot.

Pontiac Fiero trike 4

A little crude, but it appears that it can be driven from the original driver’s seat. Posted at oppositelock.jalopnik.com

Pontiac Fiero trike 5

And in the other extreme, we have this very showy trike. Posted at echtbob.nl

Pontiac Fiero trike 6

Good for catching a few rays. Posted at simonscarspots.com

Pontiac fiero -kit-fail

This one even tries to reuse the original front hood. Posted at failfunnies.com

Pontiac Fiero trike rev1

I’ve saved what is undoubtedly the most unusual and creative one for last. This one reverses the usual set-up, with a wide stance on the front,

Pontiac Fiero trike rev 5

and a single wheel out back. This is a pretty serious undertaking, and undoubtedly could run circles around the rest. Looks like a V6 too. Posted at VWvortex.com