A Very Small Present For Me From The Cohort

bobloblaw2010 left this at the Cohort with the comment: “A special present for Paul N!”  Aw shucks; thanks! Initially, I wasn’t going to run it on the CC front page, because the picture is so tiny. But then I realized that’s the whole point: this is one of the smallest RVs ever made.

I remember these VW Beetle conversions well, and I remember seeing one not all that long ago. It really was an inspired if also equally crazy idea: Beetles were dime-a-dozen then, so why not. I think several companies made them, and there were kits too. And some folks just cobbled them up. I do wonder about their structural integrity, as the VW platform was intended to to be integrated with the body, and by that I don’t mean a bunch of 2x4s. Whatever. Someday, I’ll have to do a full feature on them. But I would have loved one in 1973; instead of selling my Beetle and buying that Dodge A100 van, I could have had the best of both worlds in one package. Or is it the worst of both worlds?