Advertising Classic: Mitsubishi Eclipse

(first posted 8/21/2017, Updated 4/8/2024)       For a car named after a celestial event, Mitsubishi actually used surprisingly few pictures of solar eclipses in their print ads for their eponymous car. The one from the hero shot (full ad below) is my personal favorite.

This one is particularly clever.

As it this one.

This ad doesn’t technically feature a picture of an eclipse (with a small e), but does have interesting wordplay. In any case, the only thing I’m staring at are those ugly base model steel wheels.

This ad also does not feature a picture of solar eclipse, but features some more eclipse wordplay.

Interestingly, all of these ads are of the first generation model (mostly 1989 or 1990 models, from early in the production run). I guess after the first generation, they ran out of ideas for solar eclipse-themed ads.

But fear not: The solar eclipse imagery is back in the ads, as is the Mistubishi Eclipse (sort of). Of course, the Mitsubishi Eclipse has now been reborn as a CUV, and is now called the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. Tag line: “An Eclipse You Can Stare At.” I’m not so sure about that: This one can damage your eyes just as much as an actual eclipse.

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