Curbside Astronomy: Sun And Moon – A Safer Way To See A Total Eclipse

(first posted 8/21/2017)        In case anyone missed the news, we are experiencing a total solar eclipse today.  Depending upon where you might be in the world, it might have already happened or is yet to appear.  In the Midwestern U.S., however, it is peaking right about now.

We have read many warnings about the dangers of looking directly at the sun in order to see this historic occurrence.  But never fear dear readers – We here at CC have come to your rescue with a completely safe way to experience this phenomenon.

As we all know, there were hundreds of minor automobile manufacturers in this country in the 1920’s and for our purposes we note two of them today.

The Sun was built in Elkhart, Indiana in 1916-1917 and a little over 1,000 units were built before the company entered receivership.  Its assets were purchased and more Suns (of a different design) were built by the Automotive Corporation of Toledo, Ohio in 1921-22.

The Moon was built in far greater numbers by the Moon Motor Car Co. of St. Louis, Missouri.  From its beginnings in 1905 (as an offshoot of Joseph. W. Moon’s carriage business), the company survived until early in the Great Depression.  Moon’s peak came in 1925 when it was able to build 10,271 cars.

So there you have it – the Moon, which totally eclipsed the Sun.  What – that’s not what you were expecting?  You want to actually see it?  Well we have you covered here too.  Just stare at the above image and let your eyes cross a bit, and there you are, with no damage to your retinas in the slightest.

Alright, you want more?  You shall see the entire thing:


So now feel free to brag to your friends that you were able to stare directly at the Moon as it crossed over the Sun and that your eyes are perfectly fine.   And you even learned a little bit of obscure automobilia in the bargain.