CC Brochure: 1966 Mercury Pickup Truck – For the Canadian Paul

1966 Mercury brochure 1

I recently attended a local swap meet and while I thoroughly enjoy the experience, I rarely buy anything. Almost all the parts are for mainstream classic cars like the Ford Model A, air cooled Volkswagen, Tri-5 Chevrolet or some variety of muscle car. Not surprisingly no vendor attempts to flog bits to the oddball motors I usually run. What they do have and what I often will purchase is interesting literature. I purchased this 1966 Mercury truck brochure for a measly twenty five cents and I think its worth sharing considering Paul’s 1966 Ford is a CC institution.

1966 Mercury brochure 2

By 1966 the Mercury trucks were pretty much identical to their Ford cousins. Click for a larger view.

1966 Mercury brochure 3

The last page is a little odd however. While obviously customized for Arnot Mercury Sales Ltd., the first half of the last page is dedicated to the Ford Bronco. Mercury never sold a version of the Bronco however. I wonder if this Arnot also had the Ford franchise in town.


According to Google Street View, 115 Railway Ave no longer has a dealership but instead looks to be a parking lot. There aren’t any results for Arnot Ford either, so the franchise has either folded or been renamed in the past. If there is a Canadian variant of Paul out there driving a red ’66 Mercury, this brochure is for him.