Curbside Question: How Protective Are You Of Your Car?

We all love our cars, be they the newest model or vintage rolling stock. Whether you’re into Lincolns, BMWs or Hondas, we all share the same interest in four-wheeled machinery. And while some cars are pressed into daily service, others are treasured babies, used only when the weather is friendly to them.

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For the first time in my life, I intentionally own two cars. The daily driver is a 2006 Volvo V50 2.4i with 86K on the clock. Since last October, it has been an outside car, sitting in my assigned spot at my condo.

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This was due, as most of you know, to Car #2, my 2000 Lincoln Town Car Cartier, which now gets the garage. This took some open-mindedness on my part, because I used to go nuts when it would rain as it would screw up my usually-washed-and-waxed V50.


But that wasn’t all. I always park in the “back forty” whether going to the movies, the grocery store, or the mall. The people who circle a parking lot five or ten times to get a spot two places closer bring laziness to an art form and as such, I assume they are not careful when opening their car doors. Better safe than sorry. Several years ago, I got a big ding in one of the rear doors. I KNEW it had to have happened at work, because that’s the only time I didn’t have the option of parking far away from other cars. Of course, no one ever fessed up–arrgh! I had it fixed after the bank so generously downsized me, and I had no further worries about idiots dinging the car. But I digress…

Now that it is outside, I am planning on getting a car cover for the wagon for spring, summer and fall (winter use would be a bad idea). There are a lot of trees–and, by association, birds–in my parking lot. I will still do my best to keep it clean though! So, how protective are you of your car?