Alamo Volvo: Portland’s Volvo Valhalla

(first posted 11/14/2012.  And it’s still there, but given how Portland is booming and this neighborhood getting gentrified, I have doubts about for how much longer)     If I never shoot another curbside car, I have enough photos in my files to keep me busy for a few years. And should Eugene suddenly dry up as a source of fresh curbside meat, Portland is just up the road. Just a block from son Edward’s house is perhaps as fine and dense a collection of Volvo 240s and such as any in the world. Alamo Volvo (why not Amazon Volvo?), located at 6901 NE Glisan, has a rep for keeping old Volvos running, but it looks like the proprietors might be falling behind. That’s not surprising, considering they’re a couple of self proclaimed “hippies” who can’t be bothered to answer their phone.

Let’s take a look at what’s waiting either to be restored to street-worthiness or stripped for parts. Here’s an early 164, with the fine straight six.

That fine 245 will be back on the street shortly, no doubt. It never fails to amaze me how many clean old bricks are still around.

Heresy! There’s a FWD Volvo wanna-be hiding among the genuine articles. Who let you in here? Out!

Yes, there’s a shop back there somewhere.

Obviously, those back here have signed their organ donor cards.

And here are the two active shop bays. Mitch and Dennis get nothing but rave reviews on the web for how conscientious and honest they are in helping Volvo drivers keep their bricks going forever. There’ll be seats for them at Valhalla.