AMC Week Finale: The 2014 Rambler Classic

AMC Cuba Rambler 1200

AMC Week has been a huge hit, and we’re on track to break the record  for our biggest week ever. There’s been a lot of speculation here this past week as to how AMC could have survived, and what a 2014 Rambler would look like. We just have to head down to Curbsidelandia (Cuba) for our answer to the second part, where CC reader ptfour caught this modernized Classic. He says he has more shots, and more Cuban Ramblers. Maybe we’ll have to do AMC Week again sometime. Yes, well, one of these times., but I’m a wee bit Rambled out for the moment.

But in just over a week (Feb. 3), our next theme week starts: Big Rig Week. Large trucks, buses, construction equipment; anything over-sized is fair game. Thanks to everyone for making Rambler Classics a bigger success here than they ever were in their time.