Another Car I Forgot Existed: 1977 Ford Custom 500 2-Door Pillared Hardtop – The Custom’s Swan Song (Updated: Turns Out This Is A Canada-Only Model)

Update: My apologies; turns out this was a Ford Canada brochure. has a separate section for Canadian brochures, so this must have slipped in under the radar. No wonder I didn’t remember there being a Custom 500 after 1974! Should have trusted my memory after all.

Here’s another car I would not have remembered as existing: a coupe 2-Door Pillared Hardtop version of the Ford Custom, and in 1977, no less. What I learn here every day could fill a blog!

If you asked me before now what was the Custom 500’s final year, I’d have guessed 1975 or so, and solely as a sedan 4-Door Pillared Hardtop.  Oddly (or not), there’s no picture of any Custom other than the two-door in the ’77 brochure (on top); you must go all the way back to ’74 to see the four-door accounted for; in fact, until 1976 Customs were built only as four-door sedans and wagons, unless you go waaay back. So, for some reason, Ford chose to add a 2-Door Pillared Hardtop to the Custom 500 series for its last two years. Can anyone explain that? Given that all of 4,139 of them were sold in ’77, the explanation will have to be a pretty good one.  I wonder if any are left?