Another Proud New (And Young) CC Owner

Running an errand yesterday, I noticed a CC hadn’t seen before. And then I saw the temporary license permit on the rear window: a recent acquisition by another proud new CC owner. Here’s another look:

And like most new CC owners, it was a young kid. Old cars are eminently cool, especially a green Corona with a vinyl roof! Doesn’t get better than that. When I pulled up next to him, I could see how stoked he was about his new ride.

What really killed me is that later I went out to get drywall in my truck, but forgot to bring my camera, and missed a whole slew of similar new/old iron on the road, that I hadn’t seen before. A bunch of kids in a Colonnade Cutlass Supreme coupe, rough but running, three of them in the front seat, and looking all of seventeen. And then, my first sighting of a Peugeot 504 on the road here! And no camera. And quite a few other goodies…another day. I should just wear a tiny camera on my head, like a headlight.