eBay Find: 2000 Acura Integra – The Slow and the Calm.


I was zapping through channels the other day, pondering about the best way to explain to normal people why I call the Hyundai Tucson “Elantra Wagon” when something caught my eye. It was a little movie called The Fast and The Furious.

FnF is on my crap list and believe you me, it’ll have its turn on the chopping block in this space sooner rather than later. But here’s a preview of it: I dislike the movies because they meant the ruination of many an honest car. Have you tried looking for a stock Honda Civic or Mitsubishi Eclipse lately? Of course you haven’t; you know that such silly pursuits are the stuff of proverbial knights chasing proverbial windmills. Oh they exist alright, but they are either in the hands in the people who know that if they sell it they’ll doom them to a life of neon, fart cans and exploded engines. Or automatics, which if put on sale they’ll be subject to a manual swap, then neon and fart cans and exploded engines. But a couple of days ago while I was perusing eBay as usual when I came upon this, could it be?


Indeed it is, a bona fide, unrestored and unmolested Acura Integra. If I was a betting man I’d say this was a proverbial old-lady car:  14 years old, only 57, 768 miles, not a nick in the upholstery, and located in Florida. If it wasn’t, it has certainly lived an exceptionally good life not just for an Integra, but for any car approaching its age.


Would this thing be affected by the Takata Airbag recall? Perhaps, not that it’d a concerned of the dudebro that looks at it to make it his own tuner car; he’ll replace it with some silly weirdly shaped wheel and miss out on both protection and a perfectly mint steering wheel. While perhaps not as nice, the factory Acura-branded CD player is still present and correct. Normally that’s the first bit to go, even before the rims and the stock bumpers.

After this generation of Integra, Acura got the alphanumerical bug from the Germans and called its replacement the RSX. At least in America, Japan still got it branded as Honda Integra until it was discontinued in 2006 without any replacements. Car & Driver swears that Acura’s chief designer gave a hint for a new Integra in the future, but like the mid-engined Corvette rumors that surface every few years, it’s better for it to be actually announced and released before taking the champagne glasses out.


Back at our subject car, you’re looking at the reason while this car has survived the way it has up until today. Clearly whomever bought this car didn’t have the least amount of interest in fitting his car with NOS or dramatic gear changing; the movie was a year or so away at this point so there was no way he or she could’ve known what was lurking just around the corner. Pricing is set at $5,900, which is not that bad for a unicorn of a car. Buy it now before the young and the careless get to it.

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