Middle East Auction Classic: 2007 Toyota Hilux Crew Cab 4×4 Pickup – 921,380km And Still Truckin’

Another evening, another deep rabbit hole for me, this time on the fertile fields of the Ritchie Brothers equipment auction site.  Wherever you may be in the world, there’s probably an RB auction site somewhere in the area; I pass right by one every time I head down to Denver.  They auction anything to do with equipment and vehicles for construction, farming, oil industry, and whatever else may come up.  Somehow I ended up perusing the offerings for their upcoming auction in Dubai and came across a great specimen to illustrate the “it’ll last forever” reputation of the Toyota Hilux, this 2007 version with almost a million kilometers on the clock. 

To those of you in the US that never cottoned on to Jimmy Carter’s metric push, that would translate to exactly 573,140.4 miles, or a very good ranking in one of Tom Halter’s mileage marathon posts.

Of course with that mileage, the obvious assumption is that it must be a diesel, however this is not so.  This 7th generation Hilux truck is powered by a 2.7liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine (2TR-FE) producing 160hp and 181lb-ft of torque, backed by a 5-speed manual transmission.  A little perplexing is the fact that the engine bay including the firewall is an orange color but the truck is white on the outside and in the door jambs and does not appear to have been repainted.  I didn’t post every picture that was available on the site but based on the additional pictures this is definitely the engine bay of this truck.

These trucks were made all over the place, the auction information says this one is from Thailand which does produce them, but the Arabic script on the door tag makes me think that perhaps it was produced in the Pakistani plant instead?  (I understand Pakistanis speak Urdu, not Arabic, but they do use Arabic script).  Or perhaps the tag is dependent on where the vehicle is destined to be sold?  If only I had a genie and could use one of my three wishes to find out…

I initially assumed that Crystal Rapid tires were a Chinese brand, but further digging indicates that Crystal is HQ’d in Dubai, however they have a China office as well, where the production facilities are likely located.  That stamped steel wheel design looks very Toyota, and I wouldn’t doubt it if North America had the same style on a version of the Tacoma.

Half a million miles of dust and a boatload of hard-wearing plastics, just another day in Hilux-land.  Simple and durable but still appearing to have a large screen with a CD player in the dashboard.  Lots of button blanks though, some are probably where seat heater controls would go on Finnish models, and others are obviously for all sorts of other options that weren’t purchased with this truck.

They make a big point of saying that they can’t guarantee the mileage is correct but I’m feeling pretty good about this one, once you commit to buying something with this size number on it, who cares if it’s perhaps low.  I know they are kilometers and not miles but still, that’s big.

Pretty typical Toyota pickup interior here, the hose or sweep out rubber floors are nice to have in this sandy corner of the world, I’ll bet.

That shiftknob is worn down to be as smooth as a baby’s bottom.  And a manual transfer case too.

The rear seems to be more spacious than what we got in the Tacoma, even now.

That’s a well-worn bedliner, this truck hasn’t just been to the mall, it’s been worked.

I’m guessing this Hilux will still sell for a pretty penny, or rather a pretty dirham over there in Dubai.  It’s not a bad-looking little truck, but looks are the least important part of the equation here.  Whoever spec’d and bought this one certainly got their money’s worth.  Sure, we don’t know what is and isn’t original anymore, but if it did need repair it always had enough intrinsic value to make it worthwhile and carries the manufacturer’s banner proudly on the tailgate.

Pre-Publication Update:  I wrote this on Tuesday night, the auction was over by the next day, and this vehicle had sold for the equivalent of $4,500.  Other items in the auction including vehicles with normal mileage sold for what I would consider reasonable and accurate auction prices, so this price for this one represents a fantastic return and helps to illustrate the point of how highly regarded these vehicles are.

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