On-The-Road With The Cohort: Peugeot 504 – Is Madame In Distress?

Alright, let’s not jump to conclusions, it’s on a flatbed but that doesn’t necessarily mean it needs anything.  Ian Kennedy saw this wonderful sight in the San Francisco area and posted the shots at the CC Cohort for us to enjoy.  So let’s do just that…

I’m no Peugeot Savant beyond knowing this is obviously a 504 and looks to be a later model but even that I’m not completely positive about.  The wheels are the seldom seen alloys and are even more seldomly seen this clean.  The car has the rear fog light and the front lights from a european car so it likely was brought over here, the fairly recent California license plate is another possible hint in that regard (but not an absolute).

I’ve never noticed the two little square tubes that poke out from the rear lower valance before, they sort of look like the jacking ports on VW’s but there they are on the sides, not the rear.  No badges on the back besides the Peugeot trunklid one, so no idea if it’s a Diesel or not.  The small chrome bumpers are nice to see here though.

In any case it’s clean, looks very well kept, has lovely modifications or at least a comprehensive original foreign spec level, and someone has a wonderfully riding and distinctive car that is itself going for a ride somewhere on this fine day.

Bonjour, Madame, and have a very nice day!

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