Auf Wiedersehen: The Niedermeyers Take A European Vacation

European Vacation

I wish there was a DS 21 waiting for us at the Sixt car rental in Munich, although I could do without the custom touches the Grislwold’s Citroen had. But even if it’s just a Golf (as requested), we’re off to the homeland (Innsbruck) as well as Italy, on August 7th. Which means CC will be in the hands of the next generation for pretty much the whole month. In fact, it’s started already; I’ve got a lot to do to get ready. 

So while I’m trying to navigate the traffic, or more likely hiking in the Alps with my brother and other relatives, Brendan Saur and William Stopford will be Acting Co-Executive Editors, assisted by Gerardo Solis. They’ve been working like maniacs, and already have the CC Calendar looking good. You’ll probably see the average age of the CCs go down, and there’ll be a temporary paucity of day-glow Eugene-mobiles, but I’m leaving the ship in very good hands. And the rest of the CC Contributors will of course also be accounted for. Thank you all for allowing me to get truly away; I will not likely be posting at all, except when an irresistible find can’t wait.

We’re going to be mainly around the Innsbruck area, as well as a six-day drive to stay with Stephanie’s sister and her family, whose FIL owns an old farmhouse in the country in the hills not far from Turin. An Alpine pass or two is in the works, and I’d like to check out some vintage trains.

Mostly we’ll be hiking, including near the Dolomites, in the background here. And of course keeping an eye out for CCs.  The site is in great hands, and I’m really gratified by all the youthful (and not) energy that’s keeping things rolling here. Thank you all for keeping this the best and friendliest car site on the web. Auf wiedersehen!