Australia’s Finest Brougham For Sale: 1979 Ford LTD P6 Town Car


We’re not in the car sales business, but Hank sent me this link to what must be Australia’s Broughamiest Brougham ever, the Ford LTD P6. I know it’s just a stretched Falcon, but someone in the U.S. needs to buy this car (listed at  AUS$28,990; or about $30,000 in greenbacks). Wouldn’t it confuse folks this summer at your local Friday night “drive in”? Ford AUS LTD P6 int

What caught my eye among the shots was this one showing the sort of cobbled-up appearance of certain low-volume cars back in the day–which is understandable, since the volume of these cars must have been quite low. But check out those chrome levers sticking out of the console–you sure wouldn’t see those on an American Brougham–and all that soft vinyl all over the console in place of Detroit’s hard plastic.

Ford AUS LTD P6 dash

Here’s the dash. A bit simplistic, but better than some of Detroit’s efforts of this era.

Ford AUS LTD P6 fr

The Cordoba rip-off front end will confuse them even further. So who’s going to bite?