B-Body Convertible Week Finale: Finally, A Silver Car I Like!


There has been a lot of B-body GM convertible love here on CC this week (when Paul is away, the Broughams will play), but this week, like all others, must come to an end. Let’s celebrate yet another Friday with this mint ’75 LeSabre convertible–in silver, my least favorite color.


But on this car, it looks good. Great, in fact. I am of the opinion that Blob Era cars (let’s say 1993-95 to the present is the Blob Era™) look horrible in silver, but older cars, like this one, look nice and clean. The red interior on this one doesn’t hurt, but I also can appreciate a W112 Mercedes coupe/cabriolet or Porsche 356 in that most popular of grays.


This one recently was featured on ebay, and is a lovely example, as you can see from the pics. I imagine a LOT of these 1975 GM convertibles were socked away with low miles, for an anticipated huge return in the future. So, lots of these are about, in varying conditions. This is likely one of those, with only 44K on the clock. It even has the parade boot!

1975 Buick-42

Considering they were the end of the true full-size convertible era, you’d think that they’d get a big two-page spread, but that was not the case. In the ’75 Buick brochure, the convertible had its thunder stolen by the hospital-green LeSabre sedan taking center stage. With the exception of Cadillac, all the ’75 GM brochures–Chevy, Olds and Pontiac–had teeny pics of the convertible models, almost as an afterthought.


The Grand Ville remains my favorite (I love the quad rectangular lights!) but this Buick is also quite the looker. I really like the 1974-76 full-size Buick dash, as well as the clean taillamp treatment. One thing is for sure: No matter which one is your preference, you really can’t go wrong with any of them if you want a big, brash summer cruiser and have lots of disposable income for gas!


All photos are from the original ebay listing.