Ballotside Outtake: Buick Century Wagon

This afternoon I went to my local polling place to vote. Given how many, ahem, older folks vote, I thought there might be an opportunity to spot some interesting vehicles in the lot, so my trusty camera was at the ready. There wasn’t anything really amazing in the parking lot, but I did spot this nice, metallic-beige Century Estate Wagon. A-bodies of this vintage are everywhere around here (I average 5-10 viewings per day, and sometimes as many as 20), but wagons are quite scarce.

While standing in line, I saw this one pulling into the porte cochere. All I could see was a rear quarter and a flashing brake light, but I knew from the Broughamtastic wire wheel cover and whitewall tire that it had to be a Century, apparently a 1994-96 model judging from its fine-tooth vertical bar grille. Regardless of whom you voted for, or whether or not you voted at all (And please, don’t tell us; we’re not that kind of site!), I think most of us here on CC can appreciate a nice A-body wagon. Here’s the Timex of GM family cars: It takes a licking and keeps on ticking, even 16 years after the last one came off the line.