CC Outtake: It Seems You’re At The Wrong Beach….

I’m not a big fan of Los Angeles. The last time I was there, I managed to make it through all of two-and-a-half days before I fled back to the sanctuary of my Bay Area homeland. Still,  how clever would this photo have been if it were actually taken in Malibu?

Alas, it was  shot at Baker Beach, a mile-long strand of clean sand known for its spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge (and of nude San Franciscans). I didn’t have the heart to tell this handsome but hapless Malibu that it missed its namesake beach by perhaps at least 325 miles.

Along the same line of thought, I have to scratch my head and wonder why there aren’t more cars that reference the Bay Area. Only the recent Chrysler Pacifica references a Bay Area city without a namesake elsewhere in the United States. And as for Mercurys, I consider Monterey a whole different part of California, and while Montclair is an Oakland neighborhood, it also designates a pretty populous township in New Jersey.

Why there’s not been a Buick Burlingame or Chrysler Cupertino is beyond me. Meanwhile, Southern California gets plenty of love: There’s Pontiac’s Catalina and Ventura, Chevrolet’s Bel-Air and, of course, the Malibu you see above–and I’m sure there must be more that escape my memory. You see, right now I’m too busy trying to make sense of why Oldsmobile thought that “Delmont Eighty-Eight” sounded any  more appealing than “Claremont Eighty-Eight” or “Piedmont Eighty-Eight”.

So I’ll just leave it there. Then again, I can write to inform every car maker currently using alphanumeric series designations that the nine counties comprising the Bay Area offer a lovely assortment of names with enviable market appeal. We’ll just let this Malibu enjoy the sunset, and not tell it it’s far from home.