Beach Time: 1967 Camaro Waikiki Concept – Shouldn’t They Have Shot It In Honolulu Instead Of Detroit?

(first posted 8/13/2012. The original post called it the “Camaro Hawaiian”)

There were a lot of things happening culturally in 1967, but Detroit wasn’t always exactly on the leading edge. While the kids were celebrating the Summer of Love in San Francisco, Chevrolet was playing up the lure of the tropical islands, which had its heyday in the forties and fifties. OK; Hawaii is always appealing. But couldn’t they at least have shot their 1967 Camaro “Waikiki” concept on Waikiki Beach instead of the scruffy grassy banks of what I think is the Detroit River? Now I might be wrong on that, having never been there, but it sure don’t look like Hawaii, where I have been. And the surfing is not likely to be so hot.

The illusion of the beach scene circa 1967 was further hampered by the GM wardrobe department: that bathing suit is sooo 1952. Come on, Chevy; bikinis have been around for several decades. And that thing on the trailer: some sort of proto-jet ski? Now that interests me more than the Di-Noc slathered Camaro or the prim girl.

Everyone is having a good time pretending they’re 6000 miles away, despite the smoggy haze. And I guess it’s safe to assume that the Camaro Waikiki didn’t make a very lasting impression. Oh well. Maybe you should try a Revolutionary War-themed Camaro?

Since we’re looking at 1967 Camaros and we’re doing beaches, might as well trot out this ad from 1967. What? No long hair? And no girls at all?

Oh, I get it. Chevy finally saw the light, and wanted to be well ahead of the next big wave with this one, targeting the nascent gay market. It pays to be a risk-taking pioneer!