Vintage Photos: A Concours Of Vintage Parking Lots

(first posted 10/13/2011)   Vintage parking lots are always a worthwhile place to hang out, so I spent breakfast looking for some vintage shots to share with you. This one is my favorite, because it just instantly takes me back to Towson, circa 1971, although it’s actually Austin, Texas. There’s a couple of interesting imports in here too (other than about a half-dozen VWs, that is). Notice anything missing? Trucks! Not one anywhere! (Update: Ok, there is a red one back there, but it doesn’t tower over the rest of them like today’s.)

High school lots are always good. Don’t know where this is, but it looks like someone’s got a scooter, maybe a Lambretta?

This high school lot is from Chicago. Old Chevvies are popular here!

Here’s one from Toronto. The proof is in the “narrow-track” 1960 Pontiacs, which rode on Chevy underpinings up north.

Sunday morning in 1965. Somewhere.

Miami, probably 1959 or 1960.

I didn’t note the location. Anyone recognize it?

Mill Valley High School. I bet there were some fine cars there. And looks like some old ones too.

The parking lot at Old Faithful. RVs everywhere. I think I recognize some of them being used by the homeless here now.

A military base in Taiwan.

Somewhere, in a galaxy far away…

Or just an alternative reality, like Disneyland.

Here’s another from the Magic Kingdom. Nice Dodge taxi.

An airport, somewhere.

Shopping, pre-WalMart, in Murray, Utah. Well, my breakfast is over, so now it’s your turn to waste some time. Just don’t let the boss catch you!