BMW-Tesla CC Postscript: Tesla Model S Outsells Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 Series and Audi A8 In Europe For Second Year in a Row

I’m feeling a bit dumb this morning, as a key piece of information was missing in my BMW-Tesla CC the other day. Not only has Tesla matched or beaten BMW overall in the US, but the Tesla Model S has been outselling the BMW 7 Series, Mercedes S Class, and Audi A8 in their home turf. And for the second year in a row.

Here’s the numbers for 2017: Sales of the Model S in Europe jumped 30 percent to 16,132 last year, according to JATO. Mercedes S class sales grew 3 percent to 13,359. BMW 7 series had sales of 11,735, down 13 percent.

And for 2018 through October: In the first 10 months, the Model S had sales of 13,209 in Europe, according to JATO Dynamics market researchers. The No. 2 seller was the S class with a volume of 12,688, followed by the BMW 7 series with sales of 8,221 and the Audi A8, which sold 4,854 units.

Some folks invariably will suggest that the Model S is not a direct competitor to these cars, but price-wise they do, mostly, with the Model S costing from 70,000 Euro ($80,000) to 145,000 Euro ($165,000) in Germany.

Tesla also sold 8,801 units of its Model X crossover in Europe through October, according to JATO data.

The Tesla Model 3 goes on sale in Europe starting in February. It will probably cannibalize  sales of the Model S there, as many buyers are less concerned about the size and class of their Tesla. In fact the size of the Model S is seen as somewhat of a liability. Buyers primarily want a high-performance long-range EV. The Model 3 will start at 63,000 Euros ($72,000) in Germany, for the RWD long-range version. The Performance version will of course be more; estimated at 72,000 pounds ($92,000) by a UK dealer. That’s before any applicable incentives, which vary by country.

And of course there’s now some home-grown competition. It will be interesting to watch in 2019.