Bonneville 2012, Weirdness Celebrated

White 3000 Camper


Bonneville Speed Week 2012 didn’t disappoint. Over 500 cars entered. Lots of weird-assed cars both in the parking lot and on the salt. I can sense Paul’s woodie meter pegging at the sight of this, ah, really fine camping unit. Anyone having driven any Cab-Over-Engine (COE) truck can tell you this is not a pleasant experience. No front plate indicates that this unit has come from a distance. Painful.

Consul? Anglia? Stupid?


OK. Those of you in the Commentariat may take exception to the photo caption, but really, what’s the point? Sorry, I just remembered my earlier Bonneville posts in which I defended random acts of assholitry as being a defining characteristic of the Salt. Chevy small block, big-assed rear tires (is it tubbed? Effin A!), high maintenance paint job, total lack of utility in the real world, you bet. No wonder I love coming to this place.

Falcon Ranchero


So I’m walking through the pits and I espy a nicely prepared Ranchero. Bears looking into.

Sweet Nissan inline six


When I looked into the engine bay I was surprised to find an inline Nissan six, something you might expect to find in a 240-280 Z or early Maxima. I quizzed the crew as to why this engine was in this truck, the response was “modifying a Ford pushrod six would have been too expensive”. With minimal mods, the team hoped to run 150 mph (241 kph).

1950 Studebaker Diesel


When attempting to set a record you begin by assessing the record you want to crush and plan from there.



Hmm. World’s Fastest Bio-Diesel 1950 Studebaker. I checked the rule book and there isn’t a class for this particular achievement. The car was running a 235 cu. in. Isuzu Diesel and had run just over 93 mph (150 kph) on previous runs.

1971 Triumph TR-6


GT6s weren’t particularly good street cars but they seem to make bodacious inline racers, at least when Black Salt Racing stuffs them with a twin turbo 360 cu. in. Chevy Small Block V8. In October 2012 this car set a record at 370 mph (595.5 kph). And by the way, it’s front wheel drive.

Front wheel drive


Black Salt Racing is out of Stateline, NV in the Lake Tahoe/Carson City area. Check out more photos at their website:

A Monument to Bad Taste


So what’s up with bad taste? It could said that much of what one sees on the Salt parking lot is in bad taste. From this perspective nothing seems amiss. But when you get up close to this A one sees that the metalflake is the size of dimes. El puko mundo.

1953 Ford F100


The grille says 1953, and the class painted on the side of the hood indicates that this truck is running a flattie, the last year Ford pickups came with the flathead. For you brougham fans (you know who you are), the two-tone paint job is chubtastic. The number of Speed Week decals on the windshield indicate that this vehicle has been coming to the Salt for some time.

Packard Rat Rod


Rat rods are rat rods. But powered by actual Packard power? Rare.

1952 Chevy


Let’s take a car that wasn’t all that good looking to begin with, and see if we can hit it with an ugly stick and make it look worse. Whoever built this turd succeeded admirably in spite of hooded headlights, Dodge spinner hubcaps, and a chopped top. The grille treatment is sorta WTF?


Alfa Duetto


Yah, I know this isn’t an actual Duetto, but I’m too lazy to do the research to determine which model it actually is. Who gives a rat’s ass? The thing is yellow! And this “thing” ran 222 mph (357 kph) in 2008.

1937 Chevy


I have profiled this Chevy before, but this was the first time I was able to hear the car launch from the starting line. OMG! The 302 GMC with a Wayne head sounded orgiastic. God, I love inline sixes. This car is a class record holder at 157 mph (253 kph).

Aussie Monaro


Ferrari 475


Man, this just proves that you can’t paint a Ferrari blue and expect it to run fast. These guys were running in C/GT and had run 191 mph (307 kph) on a 230 mph (370 kph) record. Ugly.

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