Car Show Outtake: Notice A Common Theme?

It goes without saying that you can go to just about any car show in the country and see lots of Chevy Super Sports, Mustangs and Corvettes. But I found something interesting in this shot of a number of vintage Bowties–how similar those 1964-65 Malibus look when compared to the black 1978-81 Malibu coupe farther back. I had never noticed the similarity, because I’d never seen them parked side-by-side.

Accounting for some late ’70s touches like wraparound taillamps and bigger bumpers, these coupes have more than just a family resemblance. Even the faux pillarless roofline of the newer car recalls the earlier roofline. Were some of the designers thinking of the original midsize Malibu when they were drafting the downsized ’78 A-Body Chevrolets? I rather think they did.

Note: Photo taken by my uncle at the 2012 Nauvoo Grape Festival Car Show, Nauvoo, IL.