Bōsōzoku Style: Fart Cannons, Bazooka Size

There was a comment here somewhere the other day about fart cannons on Japanese cars. That reminded me of the insane exhausts that are popular among a particular set of Japanese car customizers. Bōsōzoku literally means “violent running tribe”, and got its start in postwar Japan, with outlaw motorcycle gangs that would terrorize folks with open exhausts and reckless driving. The “Bōsōzoku Style” has become a distinct type of automobile modifications, which include highly exaggerated body kits and the bazooka exhausts. Love this out-there style; reminds me of the really wild days of US customizing, the Rat Fink era. I picked a few stills here, as well as a video, which is best after about half-way through, when the dubbed music ends, and the real music is audible. (Update: the correct Japanese term for this style is Shakotan, but it’s become to be known commonly as Bōsōzoku Style in the West, anyway )