Brochure Classic: 1971 Plymouth Fury I Coupe – The Rarest Of All The Fuselages?

Plymouth 1971 Fury I 2 door coupe

(first posted 8/26/2013)   Three cheers for oldcarbrochures! I was looking for a shot of the 1971 Fury III 2-door Formal Sedan to add to a comment I left on today’s CC, when I stumbled into a car I never knew existed, and certainly one I’ve never seen before: The 1971 Fury I 2-Door Coupe.  In 1969 and 1970, there were 2-Door Fury I sedans along with the much more popular 4-Door sedans, a favorite of the taxi and police crowd. But for 1971, the 2-Door sedan gave way to this coupe, which is not a hardtop, having a fixed little post (Zack alert! Does the rear window even go down?). Who would have bought one of these? Too bad it’s shown with whitewalls and wheel covers; this just screams for dog-dishes and blackwalls; oh, and a 440, along with three-on-the-tree, just to keep up the thrifty look.