Brochure Outtake: Not Quite True To Life

1975 Ford Wagons-08-09

Despite the wide variety of vintage dealer brochures available on, I still buy the real deal, and indeed have several bankers boxes full of them. I recently was looking through my copy of the ’75 Ford Wagons brochure when I noticed a bit of marketing sleight-of-hand.

1975 Ford Wagons-08-09 - Crop

At first blush that back seat looks tolerable, if not outright comfy. But look at how far the front seats are pushed forward; the steering wheel appears to be about an inch away from the driver’s stomach. And he’s not even really sitting in the seat, more leaning alongside it–I bet his legs wouldn’t fit in the footwells. I am sure this was done to make the Munchkin-sized back seat look like it would fit someone who had graduated from third grade. Nope, those back seats were not fun for anyone over 5’2″, I’d guess.

1975 Ford Wagons-08-09 (800x386)

And how about this picture showing the cargo “space?” I think they had to rip out the driver’s seat to take that picture. This probably did not do Ford any favors at the time, once new car buyers actually walked over to a Pinto wagon and tried to sit in the back seat! But I’m sure the salesman was more than happy to show said buyer a much roomier Maverick sedan or stripper Torino “for a few pennies more per month”–with Tru-Coat, no doubt.

1977 Ford Pinto-05 (800x569)

I still like the looks of the Pinto wagons, but please don’t make me sit in the back…