Cruise Night Outtake: Runs Like A Scalded…Well, You Know

Here’s something different–a Mercury Bobcat drag car. I had not seen one of these L-M Pinto knockoffs in about twenty-five years, so out came the camera. The 1979 model got this new nose with rectangular lights, the last cosmetic update they would receive through swan-song ’80.

This one also had the optional all-glass rear hatch, similar to the one offered on the 1971-73 Volvo 1800ES, though the Bobcat wagon would more closely approximate the classic Swedish sportswagon profile-wise.

1980 Mercury Bobcat-05 (800x704)

Actually, I have always liked the Pinto/Bobcat wagons. How about a wood-sided Villager in orange? I like!

3825375585_8238422dbf_b-e1362875141702image: Boss Mustang’s photostream on flickr

Before this one, the last time I saw one was when a friend of my dad’s at the marina had to borrow his brothers mint-green Bobcat coupe when his ’82 Olds Delta 88 diesel was being worked on. It was a pre-facelift version, with the mini-Marquis schnoz. That was probably in about 1989-90. So, when’s the last time you saw a Bobcat?

1979 Mercury Bobcat-01