Cabs Of Eugene: Scion xB gen2

CC 169 086 900

In my humble opinion, the gen1 xB makes just about the perfect taxi, except for a somewhat cozy luggage space. We’ll look at it soon, as there’s several in town. But the gen2 version is also accounted for; there’s also a couple in the same fleet that has all those old Previas.  Well, I have a bit of a bias against these, having foamed at the mouth in my review of it when it first came out (see related post). But I’ve mostly gotten over it, and can see how it makes a decent cab. Plenty of room, a bit quieter and better riding than the nervous gen1, and…well, I can’t think of any other redeeming qualities. Oh right: Toyota reliability. these xBs do rank way up there in CR’s stats. That’s a good thing when you’re a cabbie.