Can Anyone ID These Old Cars From The Vatican In The Thirties?

Vatican 1

A Facebook friend who is also a license plate collector recently found some old images from the Vatican, and would like to identify the cars in these two enclosed photos. A number of us batted it around on Facebook, but no one came up with any ideas. I suspect that it’s mainly because no one in the group has any knowledge of mid-1930’s European sedans. Also, google image searches aren’t of much help if you don’t have a fairly good idea of what you’re looking for.

Aha! A challenge for Curbside Classic readers, I think. Considering the breadth of experience shown by commenters on this site, I feel certain that someone will be able to identify these mysterious black sedans.
Vatican 2
The one in the first pic is rather low-slung as late 1930’s sedans go. Mainly for this reason I suspect that it’s Italian.
The one in the second pic certainly looks like the typical big stuffy late-1930’s sedan. The only problem is that every American sedan from that period has individual styling touches that can be used to identify it. This rig has generic lines, plain round taillights, and only a mysterious emblem on the trunk lid.
Readers, the ball is in your court.