Patina Week Finale: Canadian 1950 Pontiac Silver Streak

1950 Pontiac Silver Streak 1

I’ve been saving this one for a while but it seems to be a perfect fit for patina week. The hot rod crowd would likely kill for a finely aged but rust free finish like this. In my opinion it would be a crime to repaint it. The American readers are probably thinking something is a bit off in the proportions of this classic Pontiac. And they’d be correct from the American market perspective but not from the Canadian one.

1950 Pontiac Silver Streak 2

Most of the Canadian Pontiacs of this era used Chevrolet frames so they are dimensionally smaller than their US cousins. The bigger American sized Pontiacs were generally available at the top end of the market but sold in much smaller numbers than the Canadian-ized ones. The proportions look just right to me but it might be a case of being more familiar with this style.


I spotted this one a few years ago the next alley down from our house at the time. The husband was working on a possible fuel delivery or ignition problem. It would idle nicely when cold but stall when the engine warmed up. However he was merely the maintenance man as the car itself belonged to the wife. I got the impression she loved it but the rest of the family was somewhat less enamored with it.

flat head straight six

The engine is a 239cid flat head inline six hooked to a column shifted three speed manual. This was a Pontiac engine but later Canadian Pontiacs used Chevrolet engines.


The interior looks rather nice with a little bit of patina and some vintage seat covers.

1950 Pontiac Silver Streak rear

With the stalling issue fixed I’d call this one perfect as is.