CC Outtake – The Modern Art Car

While I’m certainly no artist nor any kind of art critic, I can and do appreciate an art car when I see one.  We have no shortage of them on our pages, and while most are interesting expressions of the artist’s inner psyche (or just someone being very bored), some could perhaps just as well have been done by a curious 8-year-old who found the stash of psilocybin mushrooms in the drawer.  In opposition I hereby present to you what I believe to be a Modern Art take on the art car.

On the other hand, maybe the dude just had a ruler, an abundance of blue tape, a few cans of leftover paint and is a doctorate student in one of the more exacting disciplines taught at the University of Wyoming.  Yes, another sighting of something in Laramie, this time directly across from the somewhat beat set of houses I perhaps foolishly acquired after consuming too much of the “special” eggnog around Christmas.

Anyway, the canvas is a somewhat rare 2-door Jeep Cherokee Sport of the XJ generation, pre-facelift.  I’ve always liked this trim level, especially with these wheels which I think date it as a very early 90’s model but someone will know for sure.

I believe the owner lives in the house in the background, or perhaps I am just making a connection between all the rectangles.

Check out my own neighbor’s sweet little 1947 Willys in the background with the tarp over it.  One day it’ll be untarped and I will be there to capture it.  The Blazer behind the Cherokee is interesting as well.  In fact the whole neighborhood is one of those CC-intense experiences.

But back on topic, what is this style or influence?  My first thought was of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian but his works are generally (but not always) much brighter and vivid.  But what if this Jeep had started out white or red or yellow instead of Charcoal Gray?

Then the term “Cubism” came to mind.

While the colors are (generally, cubism is a wide genre) closer to the subject, the rest of it isn’t at all correct, I was thinking way too literally.  So in what style, if anything, is this Jeep?  Or maybe there is no style and I need to quit thinking about it so hard and just enjoy it for what it is.

Ooh, it looks like the canvas has been damaged a bit at the lower rear.  I fear that may not be restorable but if the current owner is the artist then perhaps he (or she?) can wield the brushes again.

That fiberglass hatch looks cracked so…maybe it’ll just stay as is and hopefully at least gain a replacement tail light.

It’s definitely more subtle than most art cars, but perhaps it’s more of a “thinking man’s” piece.  What exactly the thought is, well, of that I’m not sure but then again that’s how I perceive a lot of art until I read the little placard (which in this case was missing unless “4.0 Litre High Output” has a deeper meaning).  Thank you for allowing me to be your ill-informed docent!