CC Outtake: Old Chevy Truck – With A New Flatbed

This Chevrolet was imported into the Netherlands as a new truck, it got its first registration in August 1980. Under the hood Chevy’s 350 engine. Logically, after a career of almost 40 years it looked a bit rough around the edges. But it did get a new flatbed and some other parts.

A set of old-school wooden dropsides would be nice, but maybe the owner has other plans for the cargo bed. The whole truck might as well be still in the work in progress-phase.

Nonetheless, so far the job has been very well executed. That’s a high-quality, robust new flatbed alright. Can anyone identify the taillights? At first sight I’d say Jeep Wrangler.

Some other new parts are the rear fenders and the storage box underneath the bed.

And now for my own QOTD: it’s registered as a Chevrolet pick up (seriously?) with a payload capacity of 875 kg, that’s 1,929 lbs. Given that number, would the model designation be C-30, or…?