Car Carrier of the Day: 105 Feet Of 1968 Opel Kadetts – Thirteen Of The Second Best Selling Import

Another extra-long convoy of Opel Kadetts being hauled by Convoy N-Series Ford #341 in Portland, OR. The Kadett was enjoying its stay in the number two selling import slot behind the VW Beetle, and would for a couple of more years before being tossed on its head by Bob Lutz Toyota.

I see several fastback Sport Sedans, Sport Coupes, including at least one Rallye 1900, several wagons, but not one lowly sedan. I’ve written a number of posts on the Kadett B, and the links are below. But it’s always good to remember that the Kadett was once a common sight on the streets and highways here, even thirteen of them.

Our extensive Kadett B inventory (not quite 13 yet):

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