Car Carrier of the Day: 1967 Chevrolets! And Now With Rally Wheels!

You like ’67 Chevys? Here’s a feast for you then. And the one that caught my eye is the Biscayne with the police package leading the way. That’s somewhat appropriate, as it’s wearing Rally wheels, due to it having the optional disc brakes, which came with the bigger 15″ vented wheels. Strictly speaking, these weren’t exactly Rally wheels, as the police units came with tiny little round hub caps and body-colored or black wheels.

They’re very familiar to me, as Baltimore County bought a big load of them, and the police headquarters were just a few blocks away from our house. I was quite taken with them; big 15″ vented wheels with disc brakes! What’s GM coming to?

I couldn’t find a ’67, but here’s a ’68 with the same vented wheels and the little cop car hub caps. Not quite Rally wheels.

I assume the Rally wheels were really just a stylistic offshoot of the vented wheels that were packaged with the optional disc brakes. They were still quite uncommon in 1967, except for the Corvette, which had them standard, and also the ’67 Camaro Z-28, thanks to its big 15″ wheels and disc brakes.

Otherwise, ’67 Chevys, even the big Impala SS 427, came still with 14″ wheels and full wheel covers. It was very rare to see Rally wheels on any ’67 Chevy other than the cop cars, Vette and Z-28. That’s because disc brakes still weren’t standard, not until 1970 at least on big Chevys. The Rally wheels proudly let folks know one had sprung for better brakes. Not surprisingly, police were the earliest adopters.