Car Carrier of the Day: 1968 Chevy Biscaynes – Taxis or Cheap Fleet Units

The caption where I found this picture suggests that they’re police cars. Not likely, given that they’re six cylinder cars and don’t have the vented (Rally) wheels we saw the other day on the ’67 Chevy police car. More likely taxi or a fleet. Company fleet cars back then were often cheap strippers, as we saw in the lead picture of Jason Shafer’s post the other day.

These do remind me of the ’70 Biscayne taxi I drove in San Diego.

It was six years old, had about a half million miles on it, with the six, Powerglide, and manual steering and brakes. What a great drive that was! But still better than the ’71 I got after the ’70 sheared a ball joint and dropped to its knees.