Car Carrier of the Day: 4WD Freightliner, But Not The Usual Four Driven Wheels – Ready To Tackle the Rockies

Here’s something different. Take a look at that front axle: it’s driven. This is a Freightliner “Mountaineer”, with driven front and rearmost axles; the middle tag axle is undriven. It’s also unusual in that it has a stepped sleeper cab, to allow the hood of the lower front car to be a bit further forward than would be the case with the regular sleeper cab. Given that it’s carrying a load of big 1958 Chrysler Corp. cars, including a couple of Imperials; they needs all the room they can get.

This was operated by Western Auto Transports out of Denver, which had almost a monopoly on hauling cars via truck from Denver to the West over the mountains. Cars coming from Detroit and such would be offloaded in Denver and reloaded on Western’s rigs.

Here’s a closer look: