Car Carrier of the Day: Mixed Loads – Only GM and Jeep Are Missing In The First – And Another Long Mixed Load of Fords and GMs

Taken on April 29, 1963. Convoy, based in Washington, commonly carried mixed loads, as they picked up cars shipped via ships or barges to the Puget Sound area, and then distributed them to dealers.  We’ve got a fine 3/4 ton International AWD Travelall, two Studebaker sedans and three Champ pickups, a Plymouth Fury coupe, and a Ford Fairlane 500 coupe.

Which one are you waiting for?

Hard call. But the AWD Travelall is pretty compelling, and probably worth the most today.

Here’s one from 1967, all from Ford and GM. Pretty impressive rig, with thirteen large cars aboard. As I mentioned before, Convoy operated these extra long rigs under a special permit in the PNW.