Car Carrier of the Day: All German, Even the Truck – Club of Four, Plus One

Here’s something a bit different: An all-German car carrier, although undoubtedly the carrier trailer and truck’s carrier structure were built in the US. This load of fine Porsches and Audis is being hauled by a Magirus tractor. If the cab looks familiar, it should, as it was probably the most widely used European cab for some 25 years, at four European truck companies, and in the US by Mack.

This cab was developed for and by the “Club of Four”, which was initially an alliance of Saviem, Volvo, DAF and Magirus-Deutz, the oldest truck maker in the world. Cabs are typically the most cost-intensive aspect of truck manufacturing, so there’s a very long history of cab sharing. These cabs were developed in France to be used in a wide range of mid-sized truck. Volvo was an enthusiastic early user, on their F4 and F6 line, starting in 1975.

Saviem, which was later absorbed by Renault, also used them, including conventional versions.

After Renault bought into Mack, the cab came to the US in the new Mack Midliner. These trucks were built by Renault in France.

The Magirus-Deutz connection is a bit more complicated, as IVECO bought Magirus-Deutz in 1975, so they inherited the cab as part of that acquisition. It was sold with various badges, as a Magirus-Deutz, Magirus-Iveco, and just Magirus, as the one hauling the cars at the top.