Car Carrier of the Day: GMC Astro Aero Hauling An Enclosed Load of GM Deadly Sins

Not only did Cadillac’s ill-fated Allante spend a lot of time in the air, to Italy and back, but it was transported domestically in its own special trailers. This one is being hauled by a GMC Astro Aero, which seems to have an accordion-style aerodynamic deflector on its roof.

I do wonder just what the total losses were for the Allante program? Small potatoes compared to the GM-10 program, but still…

And why isn’t there a CC GM Deadly Sin for the Allante? Apparently because I’ve never found one, as the other ones in our archives were a bit too polite to call it a DS.  It’s good to know that the GM DS Series still has a ways to go.