Car Carrier of the Day: International Loadstar Delivering The Very Last Ramblers and some AMC’s

When exactly did Rambler stop being a brand and become just a nameplate?

Well, it sort of depends. The 1966 Marlin and Ambassador were the first ambassadors of the new brand name, AMC. But the Classic and American soldiered on as Ramblers yet for a few more years.

The Rebel flew the Rambler coop in 1968, leaving just the American. Which was struggling by this time, as sales slipped below 100k in 1968 and 1969. AMC decided on a two-prong approach: drop its price to compete directly with the imports.


As well as drop in its hottest engine (a 390 four barrel with 315 hp) in the cartoonish Hurst SC/Rambler. But there’s no Hurst SC/Ramblers on the load being delivered; looks like one of the $1998 import-fighters.

By 1970, the name Rambler was history. 1957 to 1969; thirteen years was pretty short for a brand. But we haven’t forgotten it it, at least not hereabouts.