Car Carrier of the Day: Volkswagens (and a Couple of Porsches)

Let’s take a look at some Volkswagens on the roll, in what looks to be 1966. Here’s another one of those 105′ long rigs operating under a special permit in Washington. Undoubtedly they arrived in the port of Seattle and are on their way to eager owners. One Porsche found its way into the mix, but then Porsche was always tied to VW in varying degrees.

The truck is an “Emeryville” International, as this cab was made there in IH’s Emeryville, CA plant. It’s an adaptation of their earlier COE cab, now mounted higher and above the axle, in more typical West Coast style. That same cab also eventually sprouted a hood and was turned into a conventional truck, the Transtar 400.

Here’s a few more:

This looks to be from about 1962 or 1963, the last year pickups were imported due to the “chicken tax”.

This type of rig was used only for very short distance hauling, as it was very quick to load and unload, but did not carry as many cars.

Here’s some pickups and a Transporter from the ’50s, when they were quite popular as commercial vehicles. There was nothing on the market like them, and were very cheap to buy and operate.

The final picture is a bit unusual, as it’s a mixed load, obviously. The Rabbits were from VW’s Westmoreland, PA factory, presumably.