Vintage Car Carrier of the Day: 112 HP To Pull 1,000 Idle HP

Does this ’54 Chevy car carrier hauling ’56 Oldsmobiles look like it’s maybe moving a bit leisurely? Well, it does have all of 112 hp under its tall hood, in the form of a 235 Chevy six (or maybe the optional 135 hp 261 six). But that was the way it mostly was with trucks back in the day: they were slow. 45 mph—maybe even 50—was a good clip, on a level road. If that. Never mind the hills or mountains.

But then folks were generally not in such a hurry back then.

Here’s over 1,000 hp of six cylinder GM power:

Seventeen GMC trucks hauling Buicks. These might have had a bit more power under the hoods, depending on which size GMC six. 120 hp with the 270.