Vintage Car Carrier of the Day: “Dodge Hauling Late-40s Hudsons” – Umm; No. But What Are They?

This old photo at Dick Copello’s Flickr page states that this is “unloading Hudsons in the late 1940s”. I don’t think so, but I was instantly taken by how handsome these cars are. And then I set myself to identifying them, as it wasn’t obvious right off the bat. 1939 or so Studebakers was my first guess. No. Nashes? No. I Googled and flipped through my Encyclopedia, and drew a blank. WTF?  This is embarrassing.

We’re off to Port Orford in a couple of hours and have a lot to do, so I could only give a few minutes to this. I’m sure one or more of you will instantly peg them, and I’m going to feel dumb. But whatever they are, I really like their crisp roof line.