Vintage Car Carrier of the Day: “Polish Peterbilt” With a Load of Fiats

My apologies if the term that was used to describe this truck is offensive to anyone, but that’s how these unique Dodge trucks were known in the car transport world. Only thirty were ever built, and here’s their unique story:

Clark Transport asked Dodge in 1971 if they could build a truck with a lower cab height than their rather tall CN900. The response was: sure, as long as you buy thirty of them.

Here’s a Dodge CN900 with a load of vintage cars shot in the late ’80s. The height difference isn’t huge, but enough to make a difference to Clark transport.

And here’s the FWD A-7, which of course used the same Dodge cab, so it was easy to just borrow its front end sheet metal. But note how Dodge lowered the hood and moved the cab cab back and down on the frame. They needed that long hood in order to do that, so that the engine wouldn’t intrude into the cab, as it would if they had just lowered the shorter-hood NC-900.

After Clark was sold in the late ’70s, the “Polish Petes” were scattered to the wind. Some continued to be used as carriers, and this one was converted into a wrecker, seen here in about 1990. It rather lives up to its name; quite the handsome truck.