Vintage Car Carrier of the Day/QOTD: Unidentified Cars Being Hauled by an International – Can You ID Them?

This load on a knocked-down carrier is intriguing. It’s a pair of cars from the early ’50s, and unidentified. They look very much like custom one-offs, which was a big thing at the time. Or so I assume. There’s a lot of European influence, obviously. Or are they actual European coach-built cars? They seem too big for that. Inquiring minds want to know.

Update: despite certain similarities to the Jaguar XK 120/140/150 coupes, there a number of very clear differences. It’s possibly that it is a heavily customized Jag, but my guess is that it’s a custom with certain Jag influences. The Jag was a very influential car in the early ’50s; in fact, by far the most influential on the sports car/custom world. It also looks bigger than a Jag; quite likely it sits on an American car chassis, fully rebodied.